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Dual Technologies Sectors Innovation and Growth Civil and Defence Industries in Europe versus U.S. and China

Giorgio Dominese


In the last twenty years, the silent uprising of new, advanced, sophisticated technologies pushed for decisive changes in the strategies of the main civil and defence “actors” of the geopolitical and military world scenarios. It impacted as a rude awakening call in Europe but resulted into an increased international competitivity and growing shares of the global markets in top sectors. The AI perspective, the 5G tensions, the wider acceleration of military defence productions, investments and procurements are in fact the titles of the open competition among main world actors over some of the highest technologies, as this Report from the Euro Parliament pictured. Civil and military equipment, tools, turbines, spacecrafts, satellites, nuclear energy, aerospace, medical applications, new materials. A list never ending. Not to mention the defence and military side scenario. The future recently unveiled shows an impressive evolution.


Civil-Defence industrial sectors; Growth and International trade; Dual Technologies: two Sectors same Ingredients, different Shape; European Union, China and US leading international trade

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