Modern Globalization Peculiarities and Its Impact on Ukraine



globalization, digital economy, foreign direct investment, trade balance, integration


Nowadays, there is a great impact of economic globalization on countries’ development, especially in the term of IT wide spreading throughout the world. The paper investigates current globalization peculiarities and its impact on the economy of Ukraine.
Digital technologies bring new opportunities for the growth of national economies and its global competitiveness. Under the influence of globalization, the global economy is undergoing a dramatic transformation, driven by a new wave of technological innovation, which is now characterized as the fourth industrial revolution. Besides, globalization generates numerous risks to sustainable economic growth. In the context of globalization, many countries become extremely dependent on changes in the structure of international trade. Ukraine with increased openness to the outside world is interested in structural parameters of international exchange.
The paper discusses the problems of Ukrainian economy development and further digital transformation. Current production and export- import structure are revealed in the context of Ukrainian economy simplification to the structural characteristics of partner countries.


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