Reforming International Trade Order: Shaping Positive Environment for China’s Trade Disputes Settlement


  • Wang Hongyu University of International Business and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Science
  • Yang Furong University of International Business and Economics



international trade order, trade dispute settlement, Chinese economic diplomacy, US-China trade dispute


After the financial crisis, China has been facing severe international trade disputes and a complicated international trade environment. China needs to distinguish and apply various bilateral, regional, and multilateral trade dispute settlement paths.
Facing the increasing number of international trade disputes and a more and more complex trade environment, China should distinguish, utilize and evaluate various bilateral, regional and multilateral routes of trade dispute settlement. With developing economic and commercial power, China has internal impetus to involve in shaping international trade order in a new round of multilateral trade negotiations. This paper analyzes the interactive relationship between the adjustment of international trade order and China’s trade dispute settlement through the following three aspects:constructing international trade power structure, building up trade regulation system, and settling international trade administration.