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Europe reaching US in World Power through “Non Statehood” Optimal Governance

Giorgio Dominese


The European Union was been shaped by the Treaty of Rome in 1957, thus more than half a century ago, as a “non Statehood”, then as a Union of States (now already 28 and with other 5 on the negotiation for membership status), after the catastrophe of the World War II.

The attitude of the two world blocks at that time was grim. Both the two great powers at the time, US and Soviet Union, were sure of the failure of the take off of this apparently “outer space” entity without sovereignty reflecting the sceptical attitude reserved to Gustav Mahler when he presented his master concerts in the dodecaphonic notes, an outrage for the flat minded traditional school. An entity where some important testing countries refused in referendums to accept a Constitu- tion aiming to develop a welfare state following the “Soziale Marktwirtschaft”, the social market economy of private entrepreneurs and public governance, founding its institutional base on the theories of “non Statehood”, as the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation between XVI and XIX centuries.

In 2014 EU has become the second world power, following the US and before China, even if in some non scientific statistics the Union is not yet considered a unique market, financial system, defence and security alliance, the highest technologic advanced international region, having the best the social and environmental living standards with the lowest inequality index, as shown by the excellence of the Zurich Polytechnic University in the KOF yearly indexing, Europe as a Global Power has become a reality overcoming the crises spread in 2008 from the US and is now in the recovery stage, with the Euro come down from its high, when the Dollar debacle came after 2008, but now pushing the real economic recovery for the next 2-3 years.

A picture that is examined in this paper with a full horizon through the new theories of International Relations, of Growth and the fifth generation hybrid technologies, capa- ble of benefiting from new revolutionary scientific discoveries in the military sector spreading to the most competitive and sophisticated industrial civil sectors worldwide.

China is now facing a season of great political and structural economic reforms and for sure has in the EU the first and most reliable partner with many analogies with the EU founding history. Russia is missing the virtuous efforts of emerging countries becoming, day after day, more unpredictable


EU “non Statehood”; Europe Global Power; Dodecaphonic master piece Europe; Euro vs. US$; China similarities processes; Russia in dangerous backwardness

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