Estimates of Trade Dependence of Ukraine: An Indicator of Effectiveness of its Economic Structure and Foreign Economic Activities


  • Olena Borzenko Top Research Adviser Institute of Economy and Forecasting NAS, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Natalia Reznikova Chair of World Economy and International Economic Relations of the Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University Kiev
  • Maryna Rubtsova PhD (econ.), associated professor, associated professor at International Business Department, Institute for International Relations at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv
  • Volodymyr Panchenko Director of Dnipro Development Agency, Dnipro City



Interdependence, Dependence, Quality Patterns, Ukraine vs. Russia, Progressive disruption but convergence with EU


The approach to study the significance of trade relations between countries by analyzing economic vulnerability, economic sensitivity, symmetry and asymmetry of the established economic links is proposed in this article. This approach is adapted to analysis of the trade dependence of Ukraine. The estimated interdependence ratios for Ukraine and its largest trade partners – EU, Russian Federation, post-soviet countries, China, the U.S., and Brazil and India as emerging economies – are compared to the respective ratios of Ukraine’s dependence on these countries’ markets. The analyzed dynamics of the Ukrainian GDP dependence on the Ukraine’s trade partners shows the growing relative weight of the countries that had not played a substantial role in the foreign trade of Ukraine. The proposed approach for estimating the quality of the established trade relations is supposed to contribute to the radical transformation of Ukraine’s foreign trade.   


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